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Ukulele Festival of Great Britain

Ukulele Festival of Great Britain

Feb 5, 2014 | Latest Gigs, Ukular Fusion Times

We have been invited to open the year 2014 Ukulele Festival of Great Briain! Saturday 21st June has been punched into the tima machine dials… “are we their yet Timeship captain?”  This proves to be a fantastical Ukular event with the finest crème de...

Mother Ukers Live Ukular Fusion in Blandford on 13/02/14

We have been invited to provide some Ukular Fusion at The Kings Arms in Blandford on Thursday 13th  February. It will be our first time in the Kings Arms, which we are told is another great music venue in the town, so we hope to make some new friends. Do come along...

Ukular Flipper Fusion @ the Dolphin Blandford 5th March

We are Back at the Dolphin in Blandford on Wednesday the 5th March. Ukuleles bands and Dolphins go together like Crackers and Cheese …absolutely wonderful with a spot of fine ale or a delicious cider! So come on down to this fantastic little music venue and join...