We love cuckoos, we love inns, and we do love a beer festival, so we’re chuffed to announce a confirmed date at the Cuckoo Inn Beer Festival on Friday 11 September. ¬†They hold two beer festivals a year, this is the second, taking place between 11-13 Sept, and we’ve heard it’s a quality pub in a lovely setting and people come from miles around to enjoy the ales and merriment. Win!

Order Ambien Cr Online The Cuckoo Inn can be found tucked away in Hamptworth Road, Hamptworth SP5 2DU, just south of Salisbury. We love the sound of this review on Trip Advisor, “This is literally one of my favourite pubs in the world, a little bit of heaven, totally unspoilt, the quintessential English pub. Great beer then you add in the pizza van great friends & the beer garden, this is England at its best.”

We’re on at 7pm, so… see you there!

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Take a peek at their facebook page for more news on what’s in store.

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