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Us lucky Ukers have been invited to support the fabulous Magick Brothers at the Winchester in Bournemouth!

Buying Zolpidem In Mexico The MAGICK BROTHERS + The Mother Ukers THE MAGICK BROTHERS are… DAEVID ALLEN(GONG): Acoustic Guitars/Glissando Guitar+vocals. Little remains to be said, except that in this band he can be who he really is. He is in his true element.

GRAHAM CLARKE: Violin+guitar Buying Ambien Online Safe Graham met Daevid in London in 1988 at the last concert of Invisible Opera Co. UK, and instantly became the first instrumentalist to be recruited for Gongmaison. Graham’s virtuoso technique and heartfelt approach are a vital element in all of Daevid’s recent music.

MARK ROBSON: Keyboards/Didgeridoo/Flute/Irish Whistle+vocals
Mark, though born in Sussex, UK, has spent much time in Australia where he played with the Invisible Opera Co. and most notably with his own band, “Kangaroo Moon”. This band, who tour consistently, have to date released three CDs, all of which have sold in extraordinary numbers, and they have become much loved regulars on the dance, festival and folk scenes. Mark’s whimsical/wistful writing and singing style carries an echo of Canterbury scene’s Robert Wyatt in his “Rock Bottom” LP period. “The acoustic periods in Daevid Allens life have always coincided with periods of spiritual self initiation and renewal. Of course these themes are encoded in the music, so that listeners might access similar changes through osmosis. Named after his first album in 1969, Magick Brothers is the freshest and most human of his material to date”. £5 on the door

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